Why Honest Lash University?

Value Proposition

Honest Lash University offers comprehensive education in the lash beauty industry, from fundamental skills to advanced techniques and business acumen. Its courses are designed for a range of learners, from beginners seeking a 320 Lash Specialty License to seasoned professionals looking to refine their skills or expand their business.

  1. High-quality, accredited certification programs.
  2. Accessible online learning through the LMS platform.
  3. Live and on-demand content for flexible learning.
  4. Community building through summits and web conferences.
  5. Opportunities for continued education with masterclasses.
  6. Unique product licensing opportunities for graduates.

Student Segments

  1. Aspiring lash technicians seeking certification.
  2. Existing beauty professionals aiming to expand their services.
  3. Beauty salon owners looking for staff training / licensing.
  4. Entrepreneurs in the beauty industry looking to launch their own lash business.
  5. Individuals interested in personal development and skill acquisition in beauty.